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Water jetting - mobile blasting
Water jet blasting up to 1200 bar; mobile blasting with blasting medium - sand, slag, etc. - added; old paint removal; cleaning of steel structures, facades and roofs
Painting operations, application of protective coating systems using high-pressure airless equipment GRACO, WAGNER
Steel structure and silo coating; ship coating; fašade coating using hydrophobic substances; spray coating of heavy construction equipment, truck mixers, trucks, etc. Corporate rebranding
Supporting and roof steel structures
Production, delivery and assembly including project documentation preparation and static survey.
Trapezoid sheeting
Delivery and installation of trapezoid sheets; production and delivery of flashing elements.
Remediation of cooling towers and chimneys
Blasting; cleaning; jointing; remediation plasters; coating .
Demolition of structures by gradual disassembly
Shops, chimneys
Steel or concrete silo cleaning
External silo and structure cleaning and washing; internal cleaning.
Wiring systems
All wiring works; heavy current, weak current; installation of lightning rods; inspections
Camera systems
Installation of CCTV systems for guarding and technological process monitoring.
Premises guarding
Installation of electronic security signaling systems.
Production and delivery of visual systems
Advertising articles, eye-catching systems (plates, neon signs, etc.)